The New Amazon Fire Phone — What’s All The Noise About?

feature-camera-detail-buttonFinally, Amazon has developed a new smart phone they call The Fire Phone, a name which obviously plays off of their very popular Kindle Fire. The Fire Phone looks much like an iPhone or Android devices, but comes with unique features that are strictly from Amazon.

Since Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, it was their goal to design and develop a smartphone that would seamlessly connect to all of the many products and services they offer. If that sounds a bit self serving, it probably is. But don’t be close minded —they have developed both an outstanding smartphone and an unrivaled e-commerce tool all rolled into one. And you are going to love it!

One of the tools that makes the Amazon Fire Phone really unique is a proprietary feature they call the “Firefly.” The Firefly is an intuitive tool that allows you to take pictures of almost anything while “on the fly. ” The device then actually recognizes and identifies the objects you scanned.

What does that mean? It means that you have the ability to simply point your camera at a web page, an article, a QR code, or almost anything at all and the device will recognize it. The Fire Phone will keep a history of all the different things you have scanned and, when requested, take you directly to the correct Amazon product page. You can then purchase the product or add it to your wish list.

Do you understand why the Firefly is described as intuitive? It actually recognizes over one hundred million different items! How will that help you? Just think about it.

Want to make a phone call? Just scan the number. Want to visit a web page? Simply scan the URL. Want to call a business associate? Scan his or her business card. This feature eliminates the need to fidget with the tiny keyboards on your hand held devices. Amazon has made the entire process even easier by adding a Firefly button right on the side of the phone.

Let’s just look at some of the ways this technology can be used.

The Amazon Fire Phone can easily identify printed text with a simple scan. And not just online text — it will also read text in magazines, on posters, business cards, etc., etc.

The Firefly feature will instantly recognize over a quarter million different movies and TV shows — even down to the individual episodes. It also includes a feature that taps into the IMDB database to provide detailed information on different actors, directors, plot details, etc. You can then add a film to your watch list or download it immediately.

The Firefly has the same capability when it comes to recognizing songs and performing artists. It will let you download the music, add it to your wish list, or access information about the artist. Want a ticket to the recording artist’s next concert? The app will immediately connect you to Stubhub!

It is about time Amazon jumped into the smartphone market — and the new Amazon Fire Phone is a worthy addition. With the added technology of Firefly, the new Fire Phone is bound to be a hit with users and will no doubt boost Amazon’s online consumer market share to even greater heights.