Your Questions About Android Mobile Phone Tracker

Paul asks… Is samsung galaxy Y Has a mobile tracker technology? I own samsung galaxy y android phone. My question is it have a mobile tracker? Which helps you to inform in case of sim change and do the remote work if it is stolen?? Plz help, commonly simple color handset having this feature in […]

Your Questions About Android Mobile Phone Emulator

Chris asks… Android App crashing on navigating from one Screen to another on Device but working fine on the Emulator.? Hi All, I am a newbee to Android Application Development and started working on it just about a week ago. I created a very basic, very simple App which would list down some Template Messages […]

Your Questions About Android Mobiles

James asks… Is there any android application to view Cell broadcast message , cell info like area name as in old mobiles? in old version mobiles like nokia 1100, we can see the area name which changes during tower change while moving and will be displayed in the screen continuously . can this be possible […]

Your Questions About Android Mobiles Below 15000

John asks… which is the best android mobile below 15000? i want to buy android os mobile below 15,000. my needs are gud processor, gud looking and much ram. I like to install many apllications so i want internal memory more. so please help to choose one gud android mobile?

Unimportant Pursuit – This Long-time Favourite Is Available Now On Android.

Android is the following platform for mobile gaming. Whether you are waiting in an aeroport, bored at home, or you simply need to give something to your children to do for some peacefulness, these programmes are straightforward to learn and straightforward to play. Let’s check into some of the finest word / puzzle games for […]

Motorola Motoroi Android Telephone Vs IPhone.

How does one decide on the best telephone for you? With such a massive assortment of cell telephones to select from it is very tough to make a choice. These are some of the top Android telephones on the market today.These days, almost everyone has a cellular telephone. A few cell telephone producers are incorporating […]

Your Questions About Android 2.2 Tablet Pc Price

Mark asks… the new aaksah tablet pc is it android 2.2 or 2.3? okay so i need complete info about this stuff.some online videos shows that its android 2.2 while some websites shows that its android 2.3.does it have a camera,is it 3G enabled,what about the price i am totally confused due to the false […]

Why Do You Have To Put Information Onto Your Android Phone?

Most commonly, you believe that your telephone will accelerate if you do not run so many programs at the very same time. You most certainly want an advanced task chief to accelerate your android telephone just as what it does in your PC, right? As a consequence, it'll slow down your telephone, exhaust your battery […]