Your Questions About Google Mobile Phone Search

Betty asks…

Problem with google voice search on T Mobile's G2 Phone?

I was playing with my G2 phone and I was using the voice thing that google has on the phone. Now whenever I search something, it keeps on going out what I test.
For example:
When I say ‘cars', cars would come up as the result.
Now if I want to type in something like ‘phones' it pops back to cars.
How do I fix this?!?!
Please answer as soon as possible,
Thank you

Your Questions About Best Mobile Phones For Business Users

Lizzie asks…

Which T-mobile plan is best for me?

I am on a grandfathered plan – family plan of 2 cell phone at $59. My maximum monthly minutes at 40 whenever and 200 night/weekend both phones combined. The secondary phone is seldom used, mostly calling the primary phone (mobile to mobile). I do not wish to change provider – I am staying with T-mobile. (tried all of them, don't like others' cust svc & business practices)

Your Questions About Touch Screen Mobile Phones In India

Ken asks…

Mobile phones in India Touch screen or without it (Should be without camera) within Rs 3500?

Could you please give a list of good mobile phones in India with Touch screen or without it (But should be without camera only – am not allowed camera phones in my office) within Rs 3500. Preferably Nokia, Samsung and Sony?

Your Questions About Best Mobile Phones Verizon

Maria asks…

Best verizon mobile phone?

I'm planning on buying a mobile phone soon, and under my parent's plan- verizon. Any suggestions on the best verizon phone out there? As long as it has a color screen, camera, texting (video and picture), and is reasonably affordable. (maybe V-cast…?)

Your Questions About All Mobile Phones

Helen asks…

Do all windows mobile phones have conversation texting?

Do all of the phones that have Windows Mobile have the conversation when you text? Like on the treo? Instead of seeing each text separate, the whole convo is there? Thanks!

Your Questions About Best Mobile Phones

Donald asks…

What are the best mobile phones on the market at the moment?

I'm looking to get a new phone, but I dont want to spend ‘that' much, but I want a camera (not VGA), mp3 and bluetooth.
What do you thinks the best phone?

Your Questions About Touch Screen Mobile Phones In India With Prices And Features

Thomas asks…

Plz Suggest me a mobile phone that include following features.?

Plz Suggest me a mobile phone with price that include following features

Your Questions About Best Mobile Phones For Kids

Maria asks…

best mobile phone for kids?

I am considering buying a mobile for my eight year old daughter. I am looking at the LG cookie. I have no experience with LG mobiles, so I have no idea how easy to use they are.
I would like the phone to be easy to set up with a few contacts, so that she can only use these numbers to dial. Further it would be nice if she can play some music on it, like an mp3 player.
It doesn't need a lot more.
I look at the Cookie, cause I think it might be easy with a touch screen, is still affordable, it comes in pink (very important lol) and doesn't have all the expensive stuff in it that she won't use anyway.
Does anybody know this phone, can tell me if it would be handy, or can anyone suggest a nice easy phone for kids?

Your Questions About Top Mobile Phones In Japan

Donna asks…

Is it possible that i can use sim card from japan using my mobile phone here in the Philippines?

My dad want's us to live in japan for good. I really want to be prepared from my social gadgets like mobile phones and lap top. Any advice?

Your Questions About All Mobile Phones Details

Mark asks…

When were mobile phones invented? Details?

Please add details, such as the year and the story behind it all, invented in bell labs and stuff like that, for a school report cheers

Your Questions About Touch Screen Mobile Phones Pay As You Go

Linda asks…

Touch screen mobile phones?

This probably seems a bit dim and thick of me! BUT….. How do the touch screen mobile phones makes life easier? I was thinking of getting a newer phone (pay as you go) and was looking at the one which have a QWERTY key board on them to make texting easier. I hate the predictive texting on the numerical alphabet, its always gets it wrong! I thought the key board phones would be easier to text with? But I am wondering how you text and stuff with the touch screens? Does a key pad appear on the screen for you to type with? I know I seem think but I only want a phone that makes texting simpler. I don't care about any of the other functions! I have a sister in Italy and she only has a mobile (no internet or landline) so I text her. I am not bothered about MP3 player or camera or any of the other functions. Can someone give me a very basic over view and some opinions / advice? Much appreciated. Regards.

Your Questions About Top Mobile Phones

Lizzie asks…

Tell me top three best mobile phones company?

Nokia, Sony Ericcsson and Samsung, as far as I think.
Well, has there ever been a survey that says which company sells best quality handsets?
And if you know about it then tell me the top three best and worst phone companies.
What do you say about Sony Ericsson?

Your Questions About Android Mobile Phones India

George asks…

Which is the best android mobile phone in India?

Rate between 300 USD and 500 USD (Rs.15000 and Rs.25000 indian rupees). It must have minimum 3.2 inches touch screen. It must have 3G and very fast GPRS (class 32 or above).

Your Questions About Best Mobile Phones For Business

Mark asks…

Best mobile phone for business purposes?

Out of the following mobile phones, which the best phone for a person who does a lot of online stock/foreign currency trading?
(Important features are internet and email)