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Sandra asks…

what is the differences between Symbian and android mobile phones?

what is the differences between Symbian and android mobile phones?

admin answers:

Operating System, Android is getting more popularity and it is supported by more vendors

Check this useful blog:
Android Applications: Views, their sizes & download links.
It has following sections:
1-Multiple applications
4-Applications need WIFI to be install & certainly huge memory
5-Few useful websites
6-Don’t download applications from the following links
7-newer version Download links are given


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Susan asks…

I want to ask if a chinese android mobile phone has the same features as there are in branded phones?

I want to ask if a chinese android mobile phone has the same features as there are in branded phones……………….If it can play that applications that branded phones can play……..I am not asking about its hardware quality….i think it can play all the applications made for android because as any computer or any windows made in U.S.A will work in same way as the computer or windows made in china…………..

admin answers:

Yres, they have the same features as in other well known brands of mobiles. Some of the branded mobiles are manufactured in China. That is why it is so affordably priced.

Paul asks…

do you have to unlock the t mobile android phones to use it with t mobile prepaid or will it work without unlo?

do you have to unlock the t mobile android phones to use it with t mobile prepaid or will it work without unlocking cuz their both tmobile eventhough its prepaid?

admin answers:

It should work on T-Mobile prepaid. But if you're already a T-Mobile customer, they will unlock the phone for you. Just give them a call at 1-800-937-8997

Nancy asks…

With t-mobile android phones, do I need to sign up for extra services?

I am going to get a new phone, and I am looking at the t-mobile mytouch 3g slide, but the problem is… I am on my parents contract, so I won't be changing that at all. With the android apps and stuff, do I need to sign up for extras or does that just come with the phone service?
If all I could do with the phone is text and call; I wouldn't even bother getting a fancy one.

admin answers:

If you get the phone form tmo to use the email apps and other stuff requires a data plan

if you buy one off craigslist you dont have to add the data plan but that means no email or apps stuff like that.

Also no MMS(pic text) on tmo with out the data plan

Donna asks…

Are Android Mobile Phones as good as Iphones?


So can anyone tell me whether or not android phones are as good as iphones?

Do they have as many available apps and reasonably priced?

The reason I ask is I am seeing alot of adverts lately for Samsung android phones and I am curious to know if they are as good as my iphone 3gs.

admin answers:

Hey, I have an iPhone 4 and my boyfriend has a Galaxy phone. His is much better as a hardware unit and more reasonably priced. Why did I get an iPhone? Because we have different dealers.

You'll also have to factor what dealer you have into what phone you get. Where I am from Rogers is the only one that deals with most Android phones, you have a choice btw Android, BlackBerry and iPhones. Rogers has terrible service but the best phones, I hate the BlackBerry phones (just the way the interface is) and the iPhone was the happy medium with the best service.

IPhones, even though highly celebrated have really dated technology compared to other smart phones. While they're not bad at all, they're not the best. For the money you spend on your iPhone you could get another phone that cheaper and better. Each phone has it's pros and cons and it's up to you to figure out what's best for you. I can't simply tell you what's best because I don't know what you want and need from your phone. The iPhone is a smaller size and has the best screen quality out of the bunch. It's a well rounded phone but tends to be glitchy.

The Android phones of equal price are better tech wise and are less glitchy but are often carried by providers with sketchy service like Rogers. They're bigger overall, but also have bigger screens. They also come with that “little monster” which “kills” aps that are running in the background. As a result they tend to have a better battery life than the iPhone. However, if you're planning on using it as an MP3 player the iPhone has it beat. The Android phones mimic the iPhone's interface but don't deliver as well, it just ends up being annoying.

All in all I wish I could of gotten an Android for my personal needs just because for the price I pay for my iPhone I could have gotten a more tech modern Android with more memory, and I'm a girl so I have a purse, the increased bulk would have just made it easier to find.

BlackBerries are just an overall fail for me personally, but they're perfect for someone like my brother that is more concerned about doing business with his phone. I just want mine to entertain me and be easy to use.

IPhone = usually better service but with dated tech.
Android = cheaper and more modern but is usually carried by providers with bad service (Rogers).

Wheatly – It's called giving an answer, there is no need for mudslinging, it just makes you come across as an angry fanboy who will probably be off to the next page screaming how Xbox/PS3 is better than Xbox/PS3. Give the stats, give the reasons and move on. You come off as childish so your reasoning is diminished.

The iPhone has hands down the best screen quality on the market, that is not a scam it's a well known fact, but it also has one of the smaller screens. It's not an opinion it's a certainty that just about every product reviewer jots down. The iPhone is constantly rated around #11 in the top 30-50 smart phones out there. Like I said, it's not the best, but it's not the worst. It's just really expensive for an average phone, but it's usually carried by more reliable providers.The iPhone also gets apps first, usually months before other phones, but if you wait you can usually get the for cheaper or for free. <- Facts, notice the lack of mud slinging.

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