Your Questions About Google Mobile Phone Tracker

Joseph asks…

I asked if a mobile number is traceable?

and one of the answers was this……..
Level 4

Easily. If you have someone's mobile than you can trace where they spend most of their time. Enter mobile phone tracker into google and see.

………….very informative……I went to the site…………….it seems it's possible………..but can this service actually supply my name and address or just my region. and do they only need the mobile number.
its pay as you go, I bought a new sim from a reputable store. This is my third question on this, sorry to be a pest.
Sorry……………..physically was ? Do you mean… as in….in my home ?
Lol…………………I'm only trying to be safety conscious here, a guy wants my mobile number and me to text him, I only know him from the net here, so I just want to know if he can get my name and address and find me.

admin answers:

Do you mean can they track you as you use the mobile? I know the police can pinpoint where you call from, by using the signals from various network towers your call may pass through. They'll only know its definetely you though, if the phone is registered in your name and address.

Sharon asks…

I forgot the phone password of Samsung S5200 n now i cannot even turn off d mobile tracker n it is irritating.?

I hv tried almost everything by finding all possible options on google but plz plllzzz help me with this as my phone is sending unnecessary msgs to other numbers due to mobile tracker.

admin answers:

You should go to Samsung Service Center for this. You should also carry the mobile bill for authentication. Then, they can break the mobile tracker.

Linda asks…

has the ultimate phone been built that has video, pictures, Internet, tracker, TV, radio, mp3, ipod, projector

this my phone must be rugged and able to perform in every land and clime. the tv in it can be projected to a white screen. the projector should have enough memory about 20gig and can download from microsoft powerpoint without you having to type in the document. since it is mobile, it should have something like Google earth map showing you on demand where you are. when a tiny comonent is installed in it and fixed unto another component like a car, it should be able to track the car or component including stored phone numbers. when connected to any computer through usb it should automatically accept a keyboard and mouse for direct input of data. when connected to a tv set, every data goes on screen and controlled from the phone or the tv remote contoller. it can receive local radio stations or from the internet. every information in it can be contained in a removable memory card of about 40 gigabites.

admin answers:

First things first…you sond like a bit of a spy with your stick the gps thing on a car lol
i dont thnk something like the tracker you stick on a car is readily available, and no phones have detachable gps, and if they do, it has to be connected by bluetooth, it cant transmit to the net.
For all the other stuff, there is the htc advantage. It cna output to a tv has wireless conenctivity (wifi, 3g hsdpa (mobile broadband),bluetooth) so when youre out and about, you cna get the internet.
It has an 8gb micro drive, which is i think the biggest in any phone.
It also has a micro sd slot for removable memory cards.

It cannot be controlled by a tv remote, nor can it use a k/b and mouse connected to a computer. 40gb mem sticks dotn exist, th biggest is 8gb. Has mobile office.
Thats about it
you can buy it here
its a bit big, but its great for being all that a mobile phone needs to be (its probably the best phone/pda there is)
and it ahs a camera

hope this helps

Mark asks…

Ok..I need to know should I get the 8g or 32g Ipod Touch?? I don't need extra space..Maybe a lil bit..(:?

All the apps I have:
Adobe Photoshop Express
Epic Citadel
Google Mobile
IMDb Movies
McAfee Global Threat
OMG Facts
Sound Hound
Textplus Classic
All phone tracker GPS
Allure best of 2010
Almost DSLR
American Airlines
Angry Birds lite
At&T code scanner
Battery Magic
Bluetooth SMS
Cooking mama lite
cooking star…Like 50 more like these!
I have about 50 songs..all 4 mins long and 2 videos..!

admin answers:

I personally have an 8g but if I could I would invest in the 32g. It's worth the price for how much space you get, which enables you to have a lot more freedom.

George asks…

Doohicky's name, (2 questions)?

Norad Santa Tracker has a little box to scan with the phone, (I think).
If you put the cursor over “Google maps for mobile“, in the lower left side a little box pops up.
What is this little box called?

I think those little markings within the box are known as code.
Is this a correct assumption on my part?

admin answers:

It's a fake map – and it's just a link to google to pick your phone.

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